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earnlocal‘s word-of-mouth marketing gets creators & influencers amplifying your business on social media.

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Nobody likes ads.

Earn the attention of new customers with engaging, informative content about your business – instead of distracting them with display ads.

With earnlocal, people share your business on YouTube, Instagram, blogs and more – then link to your website.

Content is king.

Ads are distracting, impersonal and vanish the moment you stop paying for them.

Content is engaging, personal and remains searchable online forever.

Pay less. 

Engage more.

Advertising on Facebook, Instagram or Google regularly costs between $1 and $3 per click.

With earnlocal, you pay between $0.25 and $1 per click.

How earnlocal works

How it works

- 1 -

Post an offer

Create CPC Offers (pay for each visitor) or Reward Offers (rewards in exchange for visitors).

- 2 -

Creators post your referral link

You only pay when followers visit your website, and nothing when they don't.

- 3 -

See all the content created for you

Get people talking on social media about your business using content, not ads.

earnlocal is completely free to use.

🆓 100% free tier

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Product features

Reward-based offers
Specify a reward – such as a free meal – after a creator directs a certain amount of people to your business.

CPC-based offers
Specify a rate to pay – a cost-per-click – for each new visitor who discovers your business from the creator.

Geography constraints
Only allow clicks originating from a certain geography (like the USA) counting toward your costs.

Click caps
Prevent viral posts from catching you with unexpected payouts.

Audience remarketing
Learn about the audiences visiting your website and reach out to them again after their very first visit.

Sales & action attribution
Place a tracking pixel on your website to see exactly which customers are converting.

Click fraud detection
We cross-reference click counts between Google Analytics and third-party SaaS solutions – then give you all the data to compare. 

Verified identity partners
We carefully review every application for authentic social media profiles, real identities and genuine online followings.

You're a business.
Being busy is your business.

You don’t need any extra work.

That’s why we made earnlocal dirt simple.

Post an offer – and you’re done.

Influencers find you and create awesome content.

In the past, you paid someone to create content for you: banner ads, graphic designs, sales copy and videos 📹

Then you paid the networks, like Facebook or Instagram or Google AdWords, to reach thousands of people 👀

In other words, you paid twice to get your business in front of customers.

With earnlocal, you pay just once for both content and distribution.

Don't pay double for your marketing.

Wouldn't it be nice if someone could produce original content uniquely for your business, then share it with thousands of loyal fans?

Like - you know - an influencer? 👏

The authenticity is baked in.

More than ever, consumers demand authenticity. And that’s what brands are giving them. Authentic creators – like microinfluencers – have better engagement and higher conversion rates than plain-Jane, big-name celebrities.

Content creators need to be authentic in what they promote, or else they risk losing their credibility. And businesses only want people who genuinely like their products & services.

That’s why at earnlocal, creators can work only with the businesses they actually go to and love. It’s a win-win.

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